Our Mission

Transportation and energy have more in common and are more interrelated than ever.

These industries, both collectively and independently, are on the precipice of technology breakthroughs that:

  1. Promise to materially reduce operating cost

  2. Promise a materially reduced carbon footprint

  3. Require business model innovation to deploy at scale

  4. Require significant up front capital expenditure to access their benefits

In transportation, we're referring to the global development of electric and autonomous vehicles. In energy, we're referring to the ever increasing advantages of renewable power generation and complementary technologies, for example energy storage, that enable renewable power to continue to grow.  For more on these topics, follow our blog.

As these two industries evolve, so do the capital requirements of their business models. Repower Group has the capital access, capabilities, and creativity to help its partners scale. 

Who we are

Repower Group, a Cyrus Capital Partners affiliated company, invests in the debt, equity, and assets of companies at the intersection of new mobility and energy.


Cyrus Capital was founded by Stephen C. Freidheim in 1999, became independently-owned in 2005 and today manages over $4B.


The Repower Group core team:

Ethan Goldsmith
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Ben Birnbaum
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John Rapaport
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Things are about to be different. If you're passionate about vehicle electrification, shared mobility, renewable energy, sustainability, and providing a better future for our communities - Repower Group has a role for you.

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