An EV project can be complex and expensive.  Repower Group provides the tools and services to ensure that it's not.

Components of an Electric Vehicle (EV) operation

An EV operation designed to optimize cost savings includes components beyond vehicle chargers. Opportunities for these savings differ by a fleet's location, vehicle roster, operating profile, and service requirements. 

How we can help

Opportunity Assessment

Process your fleet and operating data through Repower's curated database of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure choices, energy options, and operating environment data to quickly understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefit of electrifying your fleet

Evaluate "well-to-wheel" emissions of different approaches to fleet transition; identify opportunities to improve the emissions profile of fleet transition project

Simply view and compare capital and operating cost requirements of different approaches to fleet transition

Leverage Repower Group's suite of analytical tools to reduce opportunity assessment time and costs

Electrification Planning

Select the right vehicle and supporting charging infrastructure to support your fleet's needs

Design an operating ecosystem and supporting infrastructure for your fleet optimized to lower your combined fleet and infrastructure TCO

Have confidence in the way that your fleet electrification project will materialize in your financial statements

Minimize project risks by ensuring that all components of your plan are properly accounted for and all vendors are properly qualified to deliver your required solution.  

Bundled Electrification Planning and Financing

Integrate your project approach and design with Repower Group's trusted risk assessment tools and proprietary financing solutions

Leverage Repower Group's database to simply navigate available grant opportunities, tax advantages, and partnership capital to provide incremental returns to your project

Visit our financing options page to learn more about how to access capital for an individual or groups of electric vehicle projects

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