Repower Group's analytics suite designed for stakeholders in the electric vehicle ecosystem to efficiently access the capital markets

How it works:

Qlarity is a SaaS based analytics suite is designed to:

  1. Assessment: Assess EV project intrinsic value

  2. Approval: Evaluate counter party credit risk and asset recovery to your specification

  3. Financing: Enable credit decisions and portfolio construction​

Why it matters:

Through use of an integrated platform, users can greatly reduce the time spent and complexity of accessing capital for electric vehicle and related infrastructure projects.

Qlarity's underlying models take a view on the value of each component of an EV project. This approach leverages the full scope of a project, enabling bundled projects with better economics, increased capital availability, and often, an improved emissions profile.

On the front end, Qlarity is a user friendly project input tool for Repower Group customers. By simplifying input processes and integrating seamlessly with existing customer workflows, Qlarity materially speeds up time spent on project assessment and analysis. 

On the back end, Qlarity leverages Repower Analytics - Repower Group's proprietary analytics model and curated data-sets to make assessments of project value & recommendations for how to improve project value. Read more about our analytics here: Repower Analytics

Structuring Qlarity's approach to project evaluation, sourcing, and financing creates a verified history of asset performance for both individual asset types and across the EV ecosystem. We believe that this structured approach will enable Repower Group's customers access lower cost capital as the need of the industry grows. 

Qlarity Applications

Qlarity is primarily deployed in conjuction with a Repower Group capital program that provides access to financing. For more, visit the Capital Programs section.

Qlarity can be accessed either through the Repower Group customer portal or, as available, through CRM integration.

The full analytics suite can be made available on a case by case basis for customers or partners independent of a capital program. 

Another way you'd like to leverage Repower Group's analytics? Send us a note today for a demo at!

Repower Group's underlying analytics are built on bespoke models for each stakeholder and use case in the electric vehicle ecosystem

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