Welcome to Repower Group.

October 31, 2017

Hi! I’m Ben Birnbaum. Along with Ethan Goldsmith and John Rapaport, I am one of the Repower Group co-founders.  


Repower helps vehicle fleets lower operating costs. Plain and simple.  We achieve that in a few ways...


  • Design a fleet electrification plan focused on cost optimization, and help you get the money to finance it

  • Minimize your ongoing operating costs by continuously lowering expenses related to energy consumption. A component of that is smart charging, which is then amplified by several customized project-oriented tactics that depend upon your fleet’s unique operating environment

  • Provide the processes, reporting, and support necessary to keep your fleet moving


Our team built a suite of tools to help with that called the Repower Engine, which you can learn about on our site www.repowergroup.com. I’m very excited about our launch, but that’s not why I’m writing today. Today, I’d like to tell you about my team and why we started this business.


I met Ethan in 2011. We spent a summer together in Tel Aviv. Ethan is obsessed with cars. OBSESSED. He joined Repower from Rivian Automotive, a stealth mode electric vehicle start-up. He was devastated to sell his car to move to NYC – but starting Repower Group was some consolation. Last year I met John. John has been an investor focused on the power and transportation markets, identifying opportunities to create value in industries undergoing disruptive change. When we met, I was leading strategy for MV Transportation, one of the larger transit services operators in North America, helping cities think through transformation of their public transit systems in the face of an uncertain future.


We all immediately gelled around a few basic ideas:


  1. There are substantial benefits to the adoption of of new mobility technologies

  2. Transportation's future, wherever these innovations go, will be electric

  3. Significant improvements to our transportation infrastructure are needed to support growth of these technologies


For months, we went back and forth (both literally and figuratively as Ethan was in SF then) on how these modern technologies and services will exist at scale without a strong foundation. We looked. And we looked. And we looked. And we came up empty handed. While many agreed with our infrastructure assessment, few appeared to be taking responsibility for fixing that broken formula. So, we are.


While we are not here to build the next vehicle or mobility service innovation, we want to make it possible for those innovations to reach the masses. We aim to take care of the stuff that no one needs to see or think about, everything that happens behind the curtain - or in this case, the charger. These efforts will make transportation infrastructure in our cities affordable, reliable, resilient, and sustainable.  


Through a solution designed to help our customer’s lower operating costs, we can both build a business that we believe in, and try to make an impact for others. Some of that impact is around more efficient, sustainable, and safer mobility technologies that are here today, just lacking mechanisms for use at scale. Our team feels grateful, lucky, and responsible to share a passion that carries that sort of positivity for our communities.  Not just because we’re excited to grow a socially responsible business, but because we care to deliver the results of those innovations to our families, our customers, our cities, and our world.


Every day we’re searching for ways to strengthen the bridge that we’re building between our mobility future and the operating, infrastructure, and financial realities of today. On our blog, you’ll find the results of that effort – some of it very related to what we offer customers, some of it just fun insights that we think you may want to know. Yes, Repower is our business, but only because we’re all nuts about mobility, where it’s heading, and making sure we get there.  If you are too, we’d love to meet you.


Welcome again to Repower Group. We hope to hear from you soon.

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